Data Recovery Specialists

When data loss occurs, you need a company with the technology and skills required to successfully get your data back as quickly as possible. Miami Computer Repair and Data Recovery is that company.

Recovery data on damaged either due to an electrical surge or flood waters, we can help get your data back.

Do You need to reset your password and/or unlock your account? Windows password reset and Apple Mac osx password reset in your home or office. Computer BIOS and File password recovery service available.

We can reset any account forgotten password in just minutes without any data loss..

Fast, Efficient and Professional Computer Repair and Data Recovery Services you can count on!



Miami Computer Repair
Damaged hard Drive? STOP! Don't make it worse!

Trust your hard drive to Data Recovery professionals!
MIA Virus Removal

Our highly trained data recovery specialists recovered data on some of the most complex data recoveries including file recovery from burned hard drives, water damage, deleted file recovery, data corruption, crashed hard drives, viruses, smashed hard drives, and many more! With over a 97% file recovery rate on all previous data recovery services we offer, there is a great chance your data is recoverable!

If you are suffering from a Hard drive crash, you certainly require Miami Computer Repair data recovery services. We provide hard disk drive recovery services for all kinds of hard disks such as Fujitsu, Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Hitachi, Quantum, NEC, Samsung, Toshiba and others.